Tired of Paying for a Website That
Doesn't Send New Patients?

Get a fully optimized website that not only looks great but is engineered to attract and convert visitors into new opportunities that's guaranteed to increase new patient growth!

Without a powerful online presence

Your dental practice is like a hidden gem - valuable but undiscovered.

Imagine the potential patients you're losing every day to local competitors, simply because they show up first in Google search results, or their website impresses at first glance.

Consider the missed opportunities, revenue, and growth. Without a powerful online presence, your dental practice is like a hidden gem - valuable but undiscovered.

That's where we come in. At ByteBite, we specialize in giving your practice the online exposure it deserves. Let our team combine our proven strategy and tech stack specifically designed to attract and convert traffic into new patients for your practice.

Attract those actively searching for a new dentist

Be found on Google when people in your local market search for your high-profit services.

With our validated strategy and innovative tech stack, we ensure your website attracts the right audience, resulting in a marked increase in new patient sign-ups.

Convert clicks to opportunities

We create a "conversion hub" for your practice with industry-leading conversion rates.

SEO website and high-converting landing pages designed to attract and convert traffic to opportunities.

Generate a consistent flow of high-profit clients

You can expect a beautiful dental practice website that delivers consistent new patient opportunities each and every month, guaranteed.

Monitor results and ROI through our real-time KPI dashboard.

Complete website & marketing system

High-converting website

Time-tested search engine optimization

Expert Google Ads

Proven Success
Fast & Affordable
SEO Optimized
Mobile Optimized
Online Forms & Click-to-Call
Front Desk Call Scripts
Content & Images Included
Appointment Integration
Updates Included

Dental Patient Growth Machine

Build & Launch

We kick things off by constructing a high-converting website and landing page, tailored to your dental practice's unique needs. These online assets and campaign hubs are designed to be the heartbeat of your patient acquisition machine, attracting a steady stream of potential patients to your practice.



We ramp up the gears by driving highly targeted traffic to your newly minted website. We do this by employing a carefully calibrated combination of SEO and strategic Google Ads campaigns. The aim is to fill your funnel with prospects actively looking for dental services.


Once your funnel is filled with potential patients, it's time to convert those clicks into real-world inquiries. We employ a range of tactics, from showcasing glowing reviews with our social proof widget to enticing potential patients with a carefully timed exit intent pop-up or landing page that promotes your special new patient offer.



With your online presence humming like a well-oiled machine, you'll see the real-world effects. You'll add new patients to your practice roster each and every month, thanks to the continuous influx of leads from your website. That's our promise to you.

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Build & Launch Your New Patient Growth Machine
See Our Proven Process

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Build & Launch Your New Patient Growth Machine

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Get Up To 316% More Leads From Your Dental Website

Schedule a quick call to discover how we help and how much you will need to invest to get up to 316% more leads from your website.

*Please note we only work with one dental office per market so act fast to secure your market.

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If you don't see an increase in new patient inquiries within 60 days from your website, we will work for free until you do or we’ll refund your money—no questions asked.


Client Case Studies

General Dentistry, Tampa

  • 316% More Leads
  • 302% CPA Reduction
  • 248% Increase in Conversion Rate

General Dentistry, St. Petersburg

  • 25% More Leads
  • 18% CPA Reduction
  • 80% Increase in Conversion Rate

General Dentistry, Lakeland

  • 53% More Leads
  • 15% CPA Reduction
  • 191% Increase in Conversion Rate